Guest Network Account Activation

This application is for use by guests of UCLA to activate a guest network logon ID. Once activated, your guest network logon ID is valid for use on the Campus Public Network in those areas supported by the authentication portal.

All guests must adhere to the Terms and Conditions of Use as stated in the Acceptable Use Policy located at https://www.it.ucla.edu/bol/contact-bol/bruin-online-acceptable-use-policy. Additionally, guests must take all necessary steps and precautions to avoid compromising the UCLA network. This network access is being provided to you as a privilege by your sponsor. Your sponsor is ultimately responsible for your actions on the network and is providing you with a guest network logon on good faith that you will not engage in any illegal or abusive actions while using the UCLA network.

Please enter the username and activation code for your temporary logon ID. This information was provided to you by your sponsor, either in printed form or via email.

Activation Code: